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Babbi History

1946 - Mr. Attilio Babbi starts his own business as an exclusive sales agent of confectionery products.
1952 - BABBI becomes a manufacturing company; where Wafers, Wafer Cones and Gaufrettesare produced. It is primarily a seasonal production linked to summer months.
1958 –BABBI starts the production of Confectionery Specialties, suitable for the winter season: this is the birth of Viennesiand WaferiniBABBI.
1988 –The first line of high-quality Industrial Gelato, Frozen Desserts and Yogurt is introduced in the company production.
1991 –BABBI moves to its present 16,000 sq.mfacility in Bertinoro–Italy, with vertically integrated and high-quality production lines for Confectionery Specialties and Gelato Ingredients.
1996 –BABBI consolidates its Industrial Gelato and Frozen Desserts division.
2006 –BABBI achieves the UNI-EN-ISO 9001 Quality Certification; BABBI Helado Italiano, the first BABBI subsidiary abroad, becomes operative in Spain.

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